All new compatible and remanufactured cartridges sold by inkmax.ca come with manufacturer’s replacement warranty against malfunction or manufacturing defects:

  • Toner cartridges & drum units: 1 Year
  • Ink cartridges: 6 months
  • All refurbished fuser units & maintenance kits: 90 days

Warranty on YRTS products for updates:

All YRTS products in use (open box or installed in the printers) at the time of an update from the OEM manufacturers and therefore cease to function due to this same update; WILL NOT BE EXCHANGED, RETURNED OR REFUNDED.

SOLUTION: Deactivate automatic updates on printers. See: www.yrts.info

All YRTS products that are unused (unopened box) and require a chip upgrade due to an update from the OEM manufacturers, will be exchanged and not reimbursed.

All information about YRTS products that may be affected by an upgrade and the procedure to disable automatic updates are available on the YRTS website www.yrts.info

Warranty on products affected by the HP+/Instant Ink program:

  • Our products will not work for a customer who has joined the HP+ Instant Ink program and therefore the printer ending with the letter e i.e: Officejet 4630e
  • This procedure is irrevocable and No credit or refund will be made in this case!
  • Please make sure to read this information before placing your orders!
  • Please note that no guarantee applies to original products (OEM).

 INK MAX guarantees that under normal use, an ink cartridge, a toner cartridge or a drum unit cannot damage or break the devices that use them.


Return policy regarding Non-Opened merchandise:

You can request an RMA to return non-opened merchandise sold within 90 days from your purchase under the following conditions:

  • Your request must be accompanied by your proof of purchase (invoice).
  • Boxes which are damaged or marked in any way, will NOT be accepted.
  • Must be returned at your own expense.
  • A 40% restocking fee will apply on ALL RETURNS and final approval remains with INK MAX.

Return policy on merchandise ordered in error:

  • Your request must be done within 7 days of receipt of order.
  • Must be returned at your own expense.
  • No restocking charges will be applied as long as the merchandise is returned within the prescribed delays and is in immediate resell condition.

Return Policy regarding OEM Products:

No returns will be allowed on OEM Products.

Return policy on merchandise against malfunctions or manufacturing defects:

If you receive an ink or toner cartridge which does not work, has an error message or has been damaged in shipping, please notify us immediately. We will contact the manufacturer and arrange an immediate replacement for you. If the item has to be returned, we will provide a FREE return shipping label.

To speed up the process please provide the following:

  • A copy of the original invoice.
  • A photo of the cartridge showing the serial number which is typically found on a small white sticker and begins with NS, NT, AS, IN, SP, KL, or PR. They are useful in case of chip, message, or compatibility issues.
  • A copy of the actual print out showing the issue.

Any other return will be at the sender's expense.

For all replacements and returns, please contact us at:

[email protected]
519 494 4465